Les Petits Entrepreneurs Pénalisés par la Coupure de l’Internet Mobile et des SMS

Chiffre d'affaires en baisse, travail ralenti : les petits entrepreneurs en République démocratique du Congo pâtissent de la coupure des SMS, de l'internet mobile et des réseaux sociaux instaurée il y a deux semaines durant les troubles qui ont secoué le pays. D'ordinaire, le petit cyber-café de Danny, à Ngaliema, dans le nord de Kinshasa,

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6 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask During an Investor Meeting

Here is a set of questions listed by Michael Berolzheimer of Bee Partners that every entrepreneur should bring into an investor meeting. These are applicable to most startups and companies seeking seed-stage investment. 1.When was the last time you made an investment? Seed stage Venture Capitals (VCs) should be making investments, actively. If the investor

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10 Strategic Investment Questions Asked to Founders

Pitching to investors is a daunting experience and more often than not ,the investor wants to know more about the person than the product . Here are some of the questions that you should practice to answer before you walk into any pitching session irrespective of your geographical location or whether you are pitching for

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