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logo: c’est Congolestic ! Echange authentique Congolaise entre communication traditionnelle « lokolé » et celle de données moderne le « téléchargement » pour expédier la RDC dans la révolution du digital. Fondée à Kinshasa, conformément à la législation en vigueur une organisation non-gouvernementale dénommée : LES CONGOLAIS ET LES TECHNOLOGIES DE L’INFORMATION ET DE LA

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About Congolestic

Logo: it's Congolestic! Authentic Congolese exchanges between traditional communication, the "lokole", and that of modern data, the "download" to fast forward the DRC in the digital age. Founded in Kinshasa, according to the applicable legislation: CONGOLESE AND TECHNOLOGIES OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION "CONGOLESTIC". Context Social, economic and political life has experienced an unprecedented upheaval as

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Multistakeholder Partnerships for Implementing the 2030 Agenda: Improving Accountability and Transparency

This independent research paper was prepared for the 2016 ECOSOC Partnership Forum, commissioned by the UNDESA Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination. A draft version was discussed during an Expert Group Meeting in February 2016. The General Assembly resolution under the agenda item entitled “Towards global partnerships” has requested the ECOSOC “to hold during its

Multistakeholder Dialogue for Inclusive Growth in Africa

The Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue (MSD) process is increasingly used in the international development ecosystem and has demonstrated its usefulness in transforming policy, ensuring transparent and inclusive decision making, growth, and strengthening networks. The technique is more and more recognised and used as a method to facilitate collaborations. In the UN systems, it is used in ensuring

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