Internet Shutdowns on the Increase Worldwide

The UNESCO has warned that the number of internet shutdowns is on the increase worldwide. According to data provided by digital rights platform, internet access has been curbed 116 times in 30 countries since January 2016. India is far in the lead with 54 shutdowns, followed by neighboring Pakistan that had 10 digital blackouts. By definition, an

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Made in Congo – Le Robot Espion OH1.0.0

Entièrement conçu par l’ingrobot, robotique, RDC, Congo, Tech, Afrique, NTIC, Karl Lushiku Tchipambanieur Karl Lushiku Tchipamba, un chercheur indépendant de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC), Le Robot Espion oH 1.0.0 est un engin qui fonctionne avec tablette ou Smartphone. Ce robot vous permet d’obtenir à distance et dans n’importe quel environnement des images qui peuvent

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Fastest Internet in Africa: Kenya tops at 13.7Mbps and the DRC is last at 0.55Mbps broadband

We aren’t particularly known in Africa for our internet connectedness, in fact, as you may already know, we sit behind the rest of the world in this space. But that’s not to say that some countries aren’t striving ahead in connectivity. Today we take an in-depth look at Africa’s most connected countries and some of

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6 Unwritten Rules Of The Internet

In today’s world where millions are linked to the Internet allowing them to connect and interact with other from all over the world has raised the question of online etiquette. With calls from all over the world for access to the Internet to become a basic human right, the usage and responsibility of how people

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9 African Countries With The Most Tech Hubs – The DRC Not Listed

Africa is known as the motherland, the birth of mankind, where it all began. Yet for many years it has also been called the “dark continent” due to the rate of development of many countries. This perception is changing quickly, with hundreds of technology innovation hubs, who are creating cutting-edge technology products and services, popping

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New African Woman Forum 2017: UNESCO Highlights Women in ICTs

On the 13th of April 2017, UNESCO participated in the New African Woman Forum in Dakar in order to highlight the importance of promoting women’s and youth leadership in the technology sector in Africa. Bringing together leaders from business, academia and civil society and key decision makers from the public and private sectors, the aim

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6 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask During an Investor Meeting

Here is a set of questions listed by Michael Berolzheimer of Bee Partners that every entrepreneur should bring into an investor meeting. These are applicable to most startups and companies seeking seed-stage investment. 1.When was the last time you made an investment? Seed stage Venture Capitals (VCs) should be making investments, actively. If the investor

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10 Strategic Investment Questions Asked to Founders

Pitching to investors is a daunting experience and more often than not ,the investor wants to know more about the person than the product . Here are some of the questions that you should practice to answer before you walk into any pitching session irrespective of your geographical location or whether you are pitching for

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The DR Congo to Host its First Digital Economy and Startups Summit in July

While some African countries have initiated mechanisms in recent years to take advantage of the social, political and economic opportunities that digital technology brings to the continent’s populations through the development and/or adoption of innovative solutions to meet local needs; The DRC has yet to fully benefit, however, it has reached a turning point, which

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