Logo: it’s Congolestic! Authentic Congolese shift from traditional communication, the “lokole“, to the modern data, the “download” to fast forward the Congo in the digital age.

The non-governmental organisation called: CONGOLESE AND INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES “CONGOLESTIC” was created in 2015 in accordance with the legislation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


Social, economic and political life has experienced an unprecedented upheaval as a result of the emergence of new digital economies built on the infrastructure of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The economy and the labour market have entered a phase of transformation, linked to the contribution of technologies and dictated by fast changing needs.

Yet, the use of ICTs and education in Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Africa and particularly in the DRC remain sporadic. Several independent groups in Africa are now seeking to help address the continent’s lack of computer literacy. More, governments and private organisations also recognise the need for early education in codification.

CONGOLESTIC vision is to become an attractive, formative and locomotive hub of innovation and technological development for the youth in the DRC.

Our Mission

CONGOLESTIC’s mission is to raise enthusiasm, train and provide information on new communication technologies.

We organise hands-on workshops on coding, robotics, online safety and the Internet. Also, we have set an incubator and work with groups of engineers and students on projects related the internet of things and socioeconomic challenges.

We have a particular interest introducing young girls to coding. Women are still largely marginalised in the information communication technologies sector. Teaching programming from an early age can help reduce these inequalities.


TEAM: We have teams in DRC, South Africa and the United States of America. Contact us at: info@congolestic.org or find us on social sites under “@congolestic”.