Securing enterprise smartphones and tablets against cybercriminals is serious business. Unfortunately, even seasoned security professionals believe common misconceptions about keeping devices protected.

“Sécuriser les smartphones et les tablettes d’entreprise contre les cybercriminels est une entreprise sérieuse. Malheureusement, même les professionnels de sécurité expérimentés sont en erreur concernant le maintien de leur dispositifs et comment les protégér”

A 2014 survey of IT security professionals showed 75% of companies allow personal devices to connect to corporate networks.

1. Workers use these same devices to download personal apps and e-mails – exposing your network to phishing scams and malware infections. More than one billion Android mobile devices are not safe – and may never be.

2. iPhones and iPads aren’t immune to risk either. In fact, Check Point found there is a 50% chance that an organisation with more than 2 000 mobile devices has at least six infected devices..

Download – the Whitepaper here: Five Mobile Security Myths Debunked

3. A single compromised device can allow cyber criminals to spy on closed-door meetings by using its microphone and camera. As an unwitting employee uses their compromised device and logs into corporate systems containing sensitive data, cyber criminals may collect their usernames and passwords. Then, they can exploit unsecured networks, infecting other mobile devices, stealing, or changing data. They can even install malicious apps that give them virtually unrestricted access to a device and its data.

Published by ITWEB.