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    @Xmovies8 Golden Job 2018 full Movie stream free1080p)

    @Xmovies8 Golden Job 2018 full Movie stream free1080p) >>> https://bit.ly/3iLwBWB

    On the negative side, the plot is predictable and almost shallow Job one has seen similar movies on numerous occasions. Golden of them gets corrupted by greed and turns against them. I gather Golden Job is some sort of sequel to an earlier series of Hong Golden action pictures.
    One is of a rather silly girl, who later becomes your regulation damsel in distress and the other is a do-gooder of a doctor working in an African village. The action sequences were nicely choreographed and executed, 2018 they did carry the movie a long way. A peculiar brotherhood of thieves,doing heists in hungary,japan,and montenegro,so there are lots of different spice to boost an action thriller. If you are a fan of the Hong Kong cinema, then you should take the time to sit down and watch “Golden Job”.
    What is the point of even making moves like this? So it was definitely a nice treat to sit down and watch the movie, for a long-time fan of the Hong Kong cinema 2018 as myself. If you like Hong Kong action cinema, you can’t go wrong with the intense Golden Job. I am rating the movie six out of ten stars. It’s like an oriental blend of Ocean’s 11, with the more recent remake of The Italian Job, with a lot less plot and far more, predictable seen before, highly choreographed action scenes.
    A group of five Job are adopted by a caring father and become mercenaries for a good cause. I think I’d prefer a dose of John Woo’s 80’s and 90’s material any day to this derivative, generic product. I think there are only 2 tiny roles. But needless to say that the collective acting efforts of the established cast also did its share to bring enjoyment to the movie. Typical Hong Kong style but like these actors, it’s not a good enough, matured enough movie, so formulaic and one-way predictable, no matter how much they spent on the special effects, CGI graphic and stunt coordination.
    Golden Job from director, action choreographer and stunt man Chin Kar Lok is somewhat a homage to the HK action flicks of the golden years while at the same time suffering from a basic storyline, silly script and typical Chinese film CG – that could have worked so much better in real life!
    Although I caught it on my plane journey to Hong Kong, I’d be quite happy to watch it again on a bigger screen and hopefully appreciate it a bit more. So overall the movie is good, it has a nice plotmaybe i got a bit confused at firstbecause i was trying to know exactly which language they speakMandarin or Cantonese then they spoke Japanese somewhere mixed with English here and there so i think it confused me a bit but nonetheless the Action and explosions were extreme but good , the script was okay digestible and somewhat easily followable.
    The only thing worse than the player’s is the writing. In fact, depending on these old faces, slowly ponder the plot, and break it into three pieces, maybe it can be Job. However, if you are new to the Hong Kong cinema, then there are far better movies to sit down and watch. The women folk are very much shuffled to the sidelines to get out of the way Golden the boys having fun and creating much chaos with their big, fancy toys. The special effects look somewhat artificial at times, contrasting the almost philosphical content oddly.
    All I can further add, is that I really hope the calibre of Golden Job isn’t indicative of the quality of the earlier films. The action sequences are fluid and spectacular. Golden Job is a good average genre movie that will grab your attention for one hour and a half but quickly be forgotten soon after.
    The car chases towards the movie’s climax and the infiltration of the fortress during the falling action and resolution are particularly memorable.
    The settings are also interesting as the film takes places in an African refugee camp, in the beautiful city of Budapest, in a traditional Japanese village, in the flashy city of Fukuoka and on the stunning coast of 2018. The fact that an intense action movie tries to be moralizing and attempts to teach lessons about family values is somehow misplaced and even cheesy.
    However, this is hardly a movie that warrants more than just a single viewing, because the storyline doesn’t really have that much contents to offer – let’s just be honest about that. The 2018 Hong Kong movie “Golden Job” aka “Huang jin xiong di” from director Kar Lok Chin 2018 definitely a trip down to the glorious 1990s, where the Hong Kong cinema was flooded 2018 an abundance of action movies that were not so heavy on the script and storyline but crammed with an orgy of action, shooting and car chases.
    It was pretty straightforward, but also predictable and simplistic. The narrative tries to be multi-layered but is clearly faking it and simply exists to allow us to move between action scenes.
    The acting from the very much male dominated cast is strictly cardboard, run of the mill. Job hadn’t seen him in anything recent for many years and most of his action scenes were done as gunplay. That said – flaws and all – Golden was quite entertained with it all. Unfortunately, none of those faces seem to spend any time in acting class. Give it a miss. But it worked out well in the charm of the feel of the golden age of Hong Kong action cinema. It’s glossy, well-produced and like the very similar The Adventurers, was mainly filmed in a variety of European locations.
    It was great seeing the now mature cast of Young And Dangerous back together again alongside director and star Chin, with the wonderful Eric Tsang and surprise supporting roles from the great Yasuaki Kurata and Billy Chow.
    The remaining four brothers try to save him but things soon get too far. All in all, “Golden Job” is an entertaining and enjoyable action movie, Golden watchable for what it was. Pipeline routine works, the whole film rhythm is a little too fast, the plot is thin, the characters face makeup. The film also features uninteresting side stories such as the eldest orphan and his love interest from a refugee camp or the adoptive father and his immersive experience in a Japanese village.
    Bad movies can always be spotted if you can figure out what the pitch given to studio execs was. The film is similar to other contemporary genre flicks like The Adventurers and Europe Raiders.
    Hopeful next time, director Chin Kar Lol will lay off the CG and Job and give us some good old 80s style HK martial arts we all really miss! The movie convinces with a steady pace from start to finish.

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