You may soon be able to control your music’s volume or change the TV channel simply by swiping on your forearm after the invention of a temporary tattoo that can be used to control a mobile phone.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Microsoft have demonstrated technology that affixes gold leaf patterns to a person’s skin, creating a computer circuit.

The inexpensive material would be able to respond to touch, allowing its wearers to swipe as if on a computer’s trackpad or smartphone touchscreen, to control the phone..

“Vous pouvez bientôt contrôler le volume de votre musique ou changer la chaîne de télévision en balayant simplement votre avant-bras après l’invention d’un tatouage temporaire qui peut être utilisé pour contrôler un téléphone mobile.

Les chercheurs du Massachusetts Institute of Technology et de Microsoft ont démontré une technologie qui affecte les motifs de feuilles d’or à la peau d’une personne, créant un circuit informatique.”

While it is not the first time that ways to create on-skin interfaces have been developed, the researchers said their “DuoSkin” system was cheaper, more comfortable and more attractive than other inventions such as copper tape.

The gold leaf circuit connects to a small chip which is able to wirelessly beam a Bluetooth signal to a device, in the same way that a smartwatch or remote control does now.