DR Congo: Easy Incubator, an Invention to Save Premature Babies

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) - Young engineers of a nonprofit organization called 'CONGOLESTIC' have developed an incubator. The incubator is set to maintain an adjustable internal temperature, equipped with ultraviolet light to cure jaundice, the device can also monitor the child's heart rate and subcutaneous temperature. Connected to a mobile application, the incubator is

RD Congo: Easy Incubator, une Couveuse pour Sauver les Bébés Prématurés

En République démocratique du Congo (RDC), les jeunes ingénieurs de l’ONG CONGOLESTIC ont mis au point un incubateur. Cet incubateur permet de maintenir une température intérieur réglable; équipé d’une lumière ultraviolet contre la jaunisse; l’appareil permet aussi de surveiller la fréquence cardiaque de l’enfant ainsi que sa température sous cutané. Connecté à une application mobile,

Innovation: Africa Has Taught Developing Nations How to Improve their Lives

Imagine giving birth in the dark. For those fortunate enough to have a charged smartphone, the husband will use the phone as a makeshift flashlight, enabling the doctor to see what his hands are doing. Or imagine bathing, cooking and cleaning with contaminated water, and feeling sediments of dirt brush up against your skin as

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