Slow Down of Internet in DRC is an Appalling Attack on Freedom of Expression

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ordered internet capacity slowed down to make it hard to transmit images on social media. In a signed letter, first reported by Reuters and then circulated by civil society on Twitter, Oscar Manikunda Musata, the post and telecommunications chief regulator, instructs the General Director of Orange DRC to take preventative measures to

How Applicable is the Multistakeholder Approach to Internet Governance in Africa?

What is the value for Africans in international Internet Governance processes if the approach towards Internet governance on the continent has not fully embraced the multi-stakeholder model? This was among the concerns heard during debates at the 11th Internet Governance Forum (IGF), as some participants questioned the applicability of the global internet governance agenda to

Le Projet de Loi sur les Télécommunications et les TIC en RDC Inquiète les Opérateurs

Le projet de loi sur les télécommunications et les technologies de l’information et de la communication(TIC) en RDC  inquiète les opérateurs de ce secteur qui le critiquent et estiment que leurs observations n’ont pas été prises en compte. "The draft law on telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the DRC is

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