15 Important Pros and Cons of Biometric Authentication

Congolese pay a minimum of USD $185 - The DRC's biometric passport is the most expensive in the world. Biometric is a security mechanism used for authentication and providing access to an individual based on verification of one’s physical characteristics which are pre-stored in a biometric security system or scanner. It is the technology used

Agile Security: How Does It Look Like?

Going digital means getting adaptive. Cloud, mobile and devOps require new security model. In the pursuit of increased profitability, additional market share, and more engaged customers, organizations are quickly moving down the path of digital transformation. They’re going mobile and adopting cloud-based apps to satisfy consumers. The result is that security is made more complicated

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Five Mobile Security Myths Debunked

Securing enterprise smartphones and tablets against cybercriminals is serious business. Unfortunately, even seasoned security professionals believe common misconceptions about keeping devices protected. "Sécuriser les smartphones et les tablettes d'entreprise contre les cybercriminels est une entreprise sérieuse. Malheureusement, même les professionnels de sécurité expérimentés sont en erreur concernant le maintien de leur dispositifs et

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